Smart Local Food Systems

No to hunger, yes to local. Let’s lower prices and increase food security, everywhere.


I See Local is an application that helps families make informed choices on food and pay the fair price in local grocery stores. It modernizes and optimizes the shopping experience, so that the local grocery store offers better than the online grocery store.

To do this, I See Local presents a solution that benefits all parties: consumers, grocers, food producers and food processors. It helps these food entrepreneurs increase their local visibility and reduce some of their marketing costs, so that they can in turn reduce the selling price of their food and increase their competitiveness. 

Its use is impartial, independent of any sponsor and very inexpensive. So all food entrepreneurs, even very small ones, are on an equal footing to reach consumers.

In addition, I See Local provides tools to promote healthy eating, reduce food miles and spread local pride.

I See Local acts like a magnifying glass that allows each citizen to see the food supply and prices in their locality.

We thus obtain “Smart Local Food Systems”, applicable everywhere at low cost.


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A crowdfunding campaign will be used to finance this project. The chosen platform will be revealed at the start of the campaign.

Demonstration of the I See Local™ Application

 I See Local™ is designed to help you in many ways.

By using the I See Local™ application seriously on a regular basis, we believe the average family can expect to save more than one thousand dollars a year.

Indeed, a report from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) indicates that in the United States, the “moderate cost plan” of food at home for a family of four is evaluated to approximately US$ 1 071.40 per month in February 2020, this means US$ 12 857 for the year.

According to the “Canada’s Food Price Report 11th Edition 2021”, food expenditure for the average Canadian family is expected to around CA$ 13 907 in 2020 (see the document at page 6).

Thus, saving a few percent on grocery expenses can be a significant amount of money, potentially well over one thousand dollars a year. See this document and this one.

Reduce Food Miles (Food Kilometers)

I See Local™ shows the distance as the crow flies between the manufacturer and your home. This information helps promote local purchases, develop local economies and reduce transport pollution.

Risks and challenges are two folds: technical and social acceptance.


We have developed a functional prototype with minimum resources. This was possible because the technology used is well known in the software industry. Even if developing a fully functional application for thousands of users is a challenge, we are confident to deliver the first release of the I See Local™ application in eight months.

Social Acceptance

The usefulness of the I See Local™ application increases with its level of social acceptance. It increases with the number of users as well as the number of grocers and grocery products manufacturers who adopt it. We know that the social acceptance risk is significant, since the I See Local™ application modernizes and reinvents the way we do groceries. To maximize its social acceptance, we set reasonable annual fee and we did our best to find the right balance to meet the needs and values of customers, grocers and grocery products manufacturers.

There is also the risk that no grocer in your area or that no manufacturer wants to participate at the beginning. To counterbalance, you will be able to enter yourself the prices and descriptions of products purchased at your grocery stores. That information will be automatically shared with other users.