We offer a complete service, from conceptualization to final delivery.

  • The services listed below represent an overview of what we offer.

Find manufacturers or suppliers and perform development follow-up

  • Selection of equipment that meets technical requirements and identification of specialized suppliers.
  • Links with suppliers during the development
  • Ensure that suppliers develop and deliver within timelines


  • Writing and reviewing technical requirement documents
  • Verification of available alternatives that meet the technical requirements
  • Risks assessment for each alternative
  • Use of latest technologies – hardware and software

Integration with other pieces of equipment

  • Design communications between different pieces of equipment for a smooth operation
    • By discrete signals via electrical wires
    • By digital signals via CAN network
  • Management of CAN network communications – by using CANopen or KWP 2000 protocols


  • We do programming according to industry standard IEC 61131-3. This standard is used to program the PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers).

Tests: validation, qualification and commissioning

  • Writing test plan and test procedures
  • Tests according to the procedures previously written
    • In the laboratory, simulating equipment input and output signals
    • On test bench to get as close as possible to a real situation
    • In a real situation, on an equipment representative of the final product
  • Validation tests help ensure that the equipment is working as designed, in every detail.
  • Qualification tests help ensure that the equipment meets all customer requirements.
  • Commissioning tests are done when the equipment is installed in its actual operation environment.

Identification and problem solving

  • We can test equipment and software developed by others to:
    • Validate vendor products;
    • Double check some observations reported by customers;
    • Solve problems;
    • Be proactive.

Mentoring and technical support

  • We have many years of experience, we like to share it through mentoring.
  • We also like to help people through our technical support.

Technology watch

  • The technology watch consists of gathering, analyzing, disseminate and exploit legally available technological information in order to guide the developments and to make decision-making easier.
  • 90% of technological information is available legally.
  • To acquire a technology, the technology watch costs 5 to 25 times less than internal research and development.