Our clients benefit from two patents issued to their names.

  • Original Assignee : Bombardier Inc. (BRP)
  • Description :
    The concept is to use an electronic method to reverse, on demand at the push of a button, the direction of rotation of two-stroke engines. Each push of the button reverses the engine rotation. This allows to eliminate the reverse gear and the related transmission parts : benefits in terms of ease of use, cost, weight, size and safety.
  • The prestigious magazine Snowmobile.com ranked this invention as one of the 10 great ideas in snowmobile history! See item 7 in their reportage.
  • In production since 1997.
  • The system is now used worldwide by all snowmobile manufacturers who use two-stroke engines.
  • First patent in the field, referenced by 40 other patents.
  • Invented and developed by Albert D’Amours.

Generate the ignition spark earlier in the rotation cycle allows to automatically reverse the engine rotation.

  • Original assignee : Bombardier Transportation
  • Description :
    The track brakes are very powerful electromagnets which pull dedicated braking shoes directly on the rails in order to generate a very high frictional force, in supplement to regular braking. They are used during emergency stops to ensure minimum braking distances under any circumstances, even when the rails are very slippery (rain, ice, oil, leaves on the rails, etc.).

    Of course, these emergency braking can be very abrupt under certain circumstances. The purpose of the present invention is to allow proportional control of the electromagnetic force according to the real deceleration needs, in order to soften the emergency stops when possible; especially when there are only few passengers and the rails provide maximum grip.

  • Our participation was to perform tests for concept validation and to correct some conceptualization mistakes.