These are our accomplishments that distinguish us.

Here for this purpose a few examples of projects completed with success.


The seven passenger trains shown hereunder are fully automated and driverless, they do not require any on-train staff. They are 100% electric. For the propulsion, six of them use electric LIMs (Linear Induction Motors) and one (Las Vegas) uses electric rotary motors.

  • Responsible for the conception and the development of the Health Management System (HMS) on six of these trains.
    • The HMS is used to control, monitor, manage and diagnose all onboard equipment.
    • In addition, the HMS performs the following functionalities : event recorder, battery monitor, ground fault detectors, transmission of commands and data to all other onboard equipment, real time wireless transmission of train health information to the Control Centre to determine if/when a train shall be removed from service.
    • Most HMS functionalities are implemented in redundant HMS equipment.
    • On some projects, we used an external company to develop specialized HMS equipment. On some other projects, we used off-the-shelf PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and touch-screen displays, then we did the programming by ourselves.
    • For each project, a simulator was developed to pre-test the HMS and its integration with other equipment proactively, the train being under construction and therefore not yet available.
  • Responsible for the integration of redundant network communications between all equipment on six of these trains.
    • Therefore all equipment can exchange commands and data through CAN network.
    • Also, a two-way radio communication link allows real time exchange of alarms and commands between onboard equipment and Control Centre.
  • Participation in the development of audio, video and radio communications systems on two of these trains.
  • These projects extend over a period of twelve years.

Vancouver  (year 2000)
LRT (Light Rail Train)

John F. Kennedy Airport
LRT (Light Rail Train)

Las Vegas

Vancouver  (year 2009)
LRT (Light Rail Train)

Yongin  (South Korea)
LRT (Light Rail Train)

Beijing Airport Express Train (China)
LRT (Light Rail Train)

Kuala Lumpur  (Malaysia)
LRT (Light Rail Train)

Beijing – Dashboard with touch screen for the HMS: allows the monitoring, diagnosis and management of all equipment.

Beijing – One of many interconnect bays of the Health Management System (HMS)

Kuala Lumpur – Dashboard with touch screen for the HMS: allows the monitoring, diagnosis and management of all equipment.

Kuala Lumpur – One of many interconnect bays of Health Management System” (HMS)

Kuala Lumpur – Home page on the touch screen: gives an overall view of the condition of the train and allows direct control of some equipment.


  • Responsible for the development and integration of all electronic and electrical equipment on this vehicle.

The Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) is a small electric vehicle designed for use in residential areas and on golf courses. Its speed limit is 40 km/h in order to respect the regulations in force for this type of vehicle.

Here are two videos showing it in action.

Participation in the validation tests of the “BRP Utility and Diagnostic Software” (B.U.D.S.).

  • B.U.D.S. is used by all BRP dealers to configure and diagnose the vehicles shown below.
  • There are more than 4,200 dealers in over 100 countries, in 12 languages.

Spyder Motorcycles

Side-by-Side Vehicles (SSV)

All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV)

Ski-Doo Snowmobiles

Sea-Doo Watercrafts

Sport Boats

  • Participation to the development and validation of BRP accessories used on vehicles and clothing, here are some examples:

Tail lights and electrical harness of the Spyder’s trailer

Heating gloves with lithium-ion batteries

Heated visor and a red light on the back of the helmet

Trailer tail light converter


Project to develop a 100% electric bus :

  • Our mandate was to make the cost assessment of future equipment used to dissipate excess of electrical energy generated during dynamic braking with regeneration. The goal being to protect batteries against overvoltages and excessive refills.
  • During our assessment, we found a manufacturer specialized in the field and we have received a quotation . This product requires only minor modifications to meet Nova Bus needs.

Dynamic braking resistor with integrated control module; the equipment is liquid cooled.